Top 3 Tips To Become A Super Organized Working Mom

There are days when being an Organized Working Mother seems like the most unachievable goal EVER! As difficult as it may seem – It’s not impossible.

Today’s working mothers are juggling between kids and work, board meetings and PTA’s, family matters and work commitments – the list is endless. In the middle of this mayhem, we have lost the much-desired order to our family’s life.

Here are my top 3 tips to make working moms more organized:

Top 3 Tips To Become A Super Organized Working Mom

Tip Number #1: Early morning backpack surprises – NO more!

Imagine unpacking your child’s backpack early in the morning only to find a note about “Bring your parents to school day”. A little heads up would have been great, but, apparently your toddler decided he’ll surprise you in the morning! So here you are – back to back appointments at work awaiting your arrival and your child’s preschool teacher waiting for you to show up at the school with a batch of home-cooked muffins. What a day for mommy!

To keep the backpack surprises at bay – Get your toddler in the habit of unpacking his or her backpack from today and packing it for tomorrow before or after dinner. It would be wise if you are helping your child through this activity (you don’t want him to pack Tuesday’s books on Monday; trust me that happens – a lot!) Packing the night before keeps you up to speed about next day’s activities and upcoming events.

Tip Number #2: Your Car is your ‘BATMOBILE’

Not only am I a working mom, I am also a superwoman of sorts and my BATMOBILE would be my car, which I use to drive myself to work and my child to and from school and his activities. Quite surprisingly, my son has all sorts of needs cropping up when mommy is driving – he’d want his water, snacks, crayons and what not exactly when I am trying to get him to the school, on the dot.

To keep the car ride safe and sane – Carry some extra supplies in the car, this can include some non-perishable snacks, water bottles, an extra pair of clothes and diapers (just in case!) and crayons, coloring books, stuffed toys etc to keep your child busy during car rides.

Tip Number #3: More toys than you can manage – Story of my life!

A typical day at my house looks something like this -> My son will come home from his play school franchise and toss all of his Legos and Hot Wheels EVERYWHERE. I can’t go 5 steps in the house without stepping on a Lego (man does that hurt!)

I had toys piling up in every corner of the house and I was in an urgent need of a lesson in home-organization. I have to confess this was the most difficult of all the changes I had to make because my son won’t let me get rid of a single item in his toy treasure.

This is where I needed help and considering that my son goes to one of the best preschools, I went there for advice. My son’s preschool is accredited by QualityKG advanced preschool accreditation and his teachers are not only wise but are also friendly and gracious to help working moms like me sail through different dilemmas with our toddlers.

As per the preschool development program devised by QualityKG the teachers are well trained to guide us through every aspect of a child’s development. According to my son’s teacher, the best way to solve my LEGO-Dilemma was by using transparent (see through) boxes or bags to store the little toys. In fact, this is how they are storing the supplies in the preschool as well. She advised that I should put the Hot Wheels in one box, Legos in another and all the other toys in a third. According to her, I should involve my son in a weekly routine to sort and clean all of is transparent toy boxes.

To add to her suggestion, I also started keeping a laundry bag in my son’s room; only we didn’t use it to keep laundry but to sweep all the toys in it if and when we don’t have time to properly place them in their respective containers. This helps in keeping the toys behind the scenes until we have time to properly sort them out.

In the end:

One of the reasons why working moms often find their home, car, handbags and mind disorganized is because they don’t know how to say NO. An important way to keep your home organized and your sanity intact is to learn to say no to too many activities, unnecessary social engagements, and avoidable work commitments. By getting rid of a few things (by things I mean Legos) and activities you’ll find yourself and your life more organized and less stressed.

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