Before The Session Begins Ask These Questions To Your Child’s Preschool Teacher

Are you looking for one of the best preschools or play school franchise for your child? Parents have to take many decisions for their children. When it came to choosing the best preschool for her child my sister, Priya had more than a few sleepless nights.

Choosing a preschool is no cakewalk: While choosing one, we often have to take care of a number of factors, including but not limited to – teacher-to-child ratio, application and admission procedures, the right program, preschool curriculum accreditation and acceptable age for admission. Many preschools in India start accepting enrollment at the ages bracket of 18 months to 5 years whereas, in European countries like Latvia, preschool education is compulsory at the age of 5 and six years.


While I was trying to help Priya find a school for her son, we met one of our family friends, Dr. Geeta, she told us about QualityKG, advanced preschool accreditation. She has helped many parents choose the best preschool for their children. Dr. Geeta told us that when we’re looking for a preschool, we need to have a broad perspective.

Dr. Geeta told us about what questions we need to ask and she also gave us the answers we should expect.

Questions You Should Ask Your Child’s Preschool Teacher

Is your preschool accredited?

Preschool accreditation is a mark of excellence. Accreditation is a voluntary process that many schools choose to undergo to prove that they meet the highest academic, social and quality standards. A preschool that is accredited by QualityKG Preschool accreditation standards offers the finest preschool development programs you can ask for your child.

How is a typical day structured?

Preschools have various activities that are crucial for the development of your children. These activities are known for developing your child socially, physically, educationally, and cognitively. Understanding how the day will be structured will help you prepare your toddler before the preschool starts.

How will I be able to track my child’s academic progress?

As a parent, you’d want to monitor your child’s progress. This can help you identify the areas they are weak in and the areas they are capable of excelling in. Ask them whether the progress will be tracked with parent-teacher meetings, report cards, or through an online portal.

How are children disciplined?

How a child is disciplined plays a crucial role in his or her overall development. A child spends much of his time in the guidance of his or her teacher; therefore, it becomes important for you to know how the teachers discipline their students. Understanding the methods employed by the teacher will help you decide whether or not you are comfortable with the way your child’s behavior is guided.

Wrapping up

The preschool teacher plays a crucial role in your child’s life. They influence your children in a huge way. Knowing their methods and how they deal with children will help you understand the kind of treatment and education your tot gets in preschool. Getting to know your preschool teacher is as important as choosing the right preschool.

So, make a list of all the possible queries you might have and be sure to clear all of them before sending your child off to preschool.

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