Preschool Math With Dominoes – A New Approach To Learning

Preschoolers can learn math concepts through different methods; therefore, a Pre-K classroom should be stocked with materials that promote learning and exploration of math skills. From beads to shells, from stones to sticks, from coins to cups – anything can be used to encourage math learning.

In addition to fine motor skills, reading skills and memorization, young learners also need to learn about few math concepts. With changing times the teaching approach, especially for math, has evolved by leaps and bounds.

Math plays an important role in our lives, not just at a young age, but throughout our professional and personal lives. Teachers and parents must work in concert to reassure that every little-learner is becoming acquainted with different concepts of math – in the classroom and at home too.

In the present day, teachers are making efforts to meet every single student, at his or her individual level of ability and knowledge. Passive learning isn’t an option anymore; today the preferred method of teaching and learning is through hands-on activities, i.e. learning by doing.

The power of a good preschool development program

There are a number of activities that encourage the use of everyday household stuff to learn preschool math. Both parents and teachers are using new and innovative ideas to make math fun and enjoyable.

My child has a penchant for learning through play, and so do most children.

My son’s preschool teacher had a great idea! She wanted to use her old domino set to teach the children math concepts. We were surprised and wanted the road map she would use to do so. We definitely were in for a surprise!

A good preschool development program offers young learners blocks, cups and even dominoes to touch and explore, then their mathematical ability is stirred through activities like – pick the odd one out, sort the dominoes, build a house with the blocks. High-quality preschool development programs like the ones offered by preschool accreditation agencies like QualityKG are designed to encourage reasoning and mathematical ability in early learners. The best preschools and play school franchise follow rich preschool accreditation standards that engage learners in open communication and promote advanced thinking through play-based learning.

Dominoes as a teaching tool

Preschool Math With Dominoes

The clickety-clack of the dominoes was a great incentive to get the children around the table. The teacher encouraged the children to get a feel of the smooth tiles. The ivory colored tiles with the black dots soon had the young learners hooked. Dominoes prove to be excellent math manipulative.

Dominoes can teach a large number of mathematical concepts to the young learners.  The children can learn to count the black dots one by one. And correctly so! All the children were soon engrossed in counting the black dots on both ends of the tiles. The older ones were busy stacking the dominoes and counting ALL the dots on the stacked tiles. The teacher had very cleverly introduced addition skills to the child, without making it seem like a class. The next steps would be subtraction and multiplication.

Progressively the child learns to identify odd and even numbers and groups. She sees the patterns that emerge from the tiles, like groups of three make six and nine and so forth. These patterns are the base of most mathematical concepts.

Games with dominoes

Creative and productive play is the cornerstone of modern teaching methodology. The trick is to turn playtime into learning time. You’ll be amazed to see how many mathematical games your preschooler can play with dominoes!

The friendly domino is the game that encourages my child to learn to add. The teacher in his preschool lays out all the dominoes face up. She chooses any random domino and announces that it needs a friend. The friend should add to the black dots the domino already has to take the friendship to number 8.  The called numbers get bigger progressively. The teacher can also call for groups of three or four to encourage counting and grouping skills.

Finding the missing number, what comes before, what comes after and mental math skills can all be practiced with dominoes in a fun way. Thinking of new games as the classes progress is an excellent way to uphold the preschooler’s interest. It is a good idea to get the children to start a domino collection with the theme of groups. They can exchange and add to their collection according to the theme that they are given. Simple but fun, using dominoes to learn math in preschool is a great way to encourage children to think out of the box. The logical thinking skills of the child also grow rapidly in the process.

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