Accreditation – A Scientific Approach For Improving ECE Quality

In recent years the demand for a scientific, research-based preschool program is soaring because of the constant and strong research in the area of early childhood education. Parents are unwavering about their expectation of a preschool that offers highly stimulating atmosphere to help their children learn and grow. Today we’ll do a little probing to find out why parents are becoming pickier in their choices for the best preschools or play school franchises.

Accreditation - A Scientific Approach For Improving ECE Quality

Anita, the mother of 3-year-old Aaron says – “I am a well-informed parent, I understand that early childhood years are vital for forming the foundation of aptitude and ability to learn and foster – this is the basis of my search for the best preschool for my child. “

How can parents like Anita and many others find a preschool that resonates with their needs? Is preschool accreditation an answer to this problem? Should parents care about preschool curriculum accreditation?


The answer is – YES! Accreditation should matter and parents should care because the scientifically established standards introduced by preschool accreditation agencies ensure quality of care. Besides, preschool accreditation agencies like QualityKG ensure that the quality doesn’t go down over time and the accredited preschools don’t grow to be complacent.

The preschool accreditation standards are designed to include well-defined preschool development programs for early childhood learning, also the best preschools and best play schools adopt research-based standards are that are aligned with best practices in ECE.

QualityKG preschool development programs are backed by their formidable and sound outline of accreditation standards based on years of scientific research and academic experience. These standards lead to preschool standardization and improvement services.

The QualityKG Accreditation framework demonstrates four salient features. They are:

Comprehensive: QualityKG strongly believes in collaboration of all school stakeholders

Scientific: Research & practices define every element of QualityKG

Relevant: QualityKG aims at transforming preschools into ‘holistic development centers’

Simple: QualityKG believes in keeping everything simple to understand and implement

Each of their ten standards falls under a specific category according to the ECE stakeholders, the standards are majorly focused on the young learners (the primary stakeholders) and the improvement of early childhood education and development programs. Apart from children the standards also focus on the training, awareness, and commitment of the early educators and other staff as well as management and leadership abilities of school leaders.

Another aspect supported by the preschool accreditation standards is the significant affiliation the program forms with parents and the community both. QualityKG preschool accreditation standards were created with contribution from educators and experts from around the globe, the standards aim to empower all of the stakeholders involved in the learning and development of early learners.

Parents and families on QualityKG Accreditation:

  • “Sending your first born to a play school franchise or preschool is nothing short of overwhelming, however, when you discover a program accredited by QualityKG, it gives you relief to know that you’ve made an excellent choice for your little one.”
  • “Happy and appreciated teachers lead to happy children and effective preschool accreditation standards have a tendency to attract such workforce.”
  • “I believe in settling for nothing but the best and I can trust QualityKG with the future of my child’s learning.”


Whether it’s the best play school franchise or the best preschools, the goal of ECE remains the same -> To give the early learners a leg up by teaching and engaging them in a way that develops them socially, emotionally and cognitively. To achieve all of that and much more, preschools needs a farsighted and proficient education reform like QualityKG with researched, scientific and practical standards that help in creating a developmentally apposite environment which enhances a child’s overall learning experience.

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