Preschoolers learning English language with scannable technology

While dropping my little one off to his preschool, I handed him a book that he needed for his classroom activity that day. He complained that the book was too heavy for him and I laughed at his tantrum and innocence. Back in the day when I was my son’s age, we had to carry ten times the weight they carry now.

Nowadays, everything they use in preschool classrooms is supported with technology, gone are the days when young learners endured the heavyweight of their backpacks. Technology has contributed a lot to people of all ages. Many teachers believe that if they use the right kind of technology in their preschool classrooms, then they can groom the early language learners better and faster while giving them better prospects for the life ahead.

Preschoolers learning English language with scannable technology

Technology has entered the classrooms in various forms through an extraordinary collection of devices including computers, digital cameras, tablets, digital classrooms, smart-boards, scanners, and printers, add to this the curiosity and laughter of little learners and you have a vibrant classroom right there! Every preschool is using technology in one way or the other, recently, in my son’s preschool, they started using scannable technology. Sounds fancy, doesn’t it? Here’s what I found out.

Scannable technology in preschools:
Scannable technology provides a broad range of opportunities to help children interact with an array of diverse content. English language learners and children who have special needs find it easier to study with such technology, whether it’s helping them understand the meaning of the content taught or gathering information for a new activity, scannable technology can be very useful.

Technology makes it easier to differentiate resources for students who should be exceeding grade-level benchmarks, students with special needs and for those who need to learn the English language.

Ways to use scannable technology in preschool classrooms:
Using the technology in the right and effective manner is crucial to achieving modern day teaching goals. Here are a few ways preschool teachers can use scannable technology to help early learners with English language learning.

Speech walls – You can create interesting word walls that are specific to the content areas relevant for preschool level. You can either place a QR code next to the word or have an AR trigger. This will not only pique the child’s curiosity but also allows them to learn at the same time. They can scan and learn about the word and content relating to the word. For students learning English, you can also have a voice clip to hear the English pronunciation of the word.

Glossary lists – You can create personalized words for each student and then add a QR code. It’s great because you can design the lists according to the ability or proficiency of the English language of each student. You can also theme the glossary lists and add an image relating to that theme with an AR trigger.

Build background knowledge – Before starting an activity or a new story, you can send children some information so that they can get a brief idea before they come to class. Children can scan the QR code and learn to build their background knowledge. This will also increase their enthusiasm for the next day as they want to be the ones who’ve contributed the most.

Directions in the form of audio visual- Many English language learners have a problem with reading the content written in English language, however, they might be fluent in their English speaking skills. You can help them scan a QR code that will provide directions in audio so they can understand better. This is also great for those toddlers who many have trouble understanding spoken English.

Closing thoughts:
Scannable technology is a prevailing tool for supporting early language learners. Preschoolers can benefit from this fast and efficient resource. It’s an incredible way to empower early language learners by providing them all the data they need at the tips of their fingers. There are many ways you can use scannable technology for improving the English language skills of students. English is the leading language in almost all countries. It’s crucial for toddlers to learn the language from the very beginning. It will make it easier for them to understand and grasp things later in life.

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