Inspiring preschool student inventors

During his playtime, my son came up to me with a lump of modeling clay in his hand. He kept asking me what he should make, and after a few ideas, he sat down and made a little sparrow from that lump of clay. It amazed me to see, how far a little inspiration can go. The main reason for enrolling my son in a QualityKG accredited preschool was the inspiration and encouragement the teachers give to the early learners.

Inspiring preschool student inventorsHow do we inspire young inventors?

Well, this is not as tricky as it may seem. Inspiring young inventors doesn’t necessarily require huge steps or measures but rather little words of encouragement and of course your involvement.


ü  Bits and pieces – Home is where the preschoolers have endless supply of crafting material and waste paper. Early educators can encourage their students to make something like a drawing, a little sculpture or just about anything from bits and pieces available in their home.


ü  Supplies and free time – Provide your young inventors with adequate supplies. Leave paper, pencils and toys lying around in a safe place so that they can jot down their ideas and bring them to life. There’s no right or wrong age to begin this. The sooner you start giving them wings, the sooner they begin to fly.


ü  Seek their opinions – On a daily basis, ask your children a simple problem and watch them search for the answer. Give them enough time and resources to solve the problem and ensure that it’s not too tough or too easy for them. You can increase the difficulty level day by day to improve their thinking abilities.


ü  Science and fun – Children learn very quickly at a very young age. You can start teaching them science through little activities. You can later help them get involved in various projects that are appropriate for their age and competence. This is sure to bring out the hidden Edison in them.


Where most people give up:

All children are alike in many ways. My son had a habit since he was 2 years old, he’ll ask us to buy him a toy car and once he got it he would smash it with a brick and play with its parts. My parents, my husband and my friends all asked me why he behaved like this, some people even raised eyebrows on his IQ level. But, I knew that this was an act of an inquisitive mind.


Just knowing that a car moves forward by pressing a button wasn’t enough for him, he wanted to know more and that’s why he broke the car. In his own peculiar and wonderful way he was being a little engineer who was curious enough to look under the hood when everyone was looking down on him. Do I regret my parenting choices – NOT ONCE! Would I want him to change his habits – NOT IN THE LEAST BIT!


As early educators and parents of preschoolers it is our responsibility to understand that our way of doing things isn’t the only way of doing them. Give the little inventors a platform and some encouragement and see them soaring high in the sky!


In the end:

Young children are capable of doing remarkable things. All they need are a few words of encouragement and a little help that they can get through preschool development programs from the best preschool accreditation agencies like QualityKG. It’s the seeds of ideas sown at a young age that often turn into flowers that bloom later on. Encourage your toddler and bring out the inventor in them, you never know you might have an Edison or an Einstein right in front of you with the brick in one hand and a broken car in the other!


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