Why should academicians opt for a QualityKG accredited preschool?

Being an early childhood educator requires many skills including – patience (it comes and goes – you got to hold on to it!), passion, communication skills, creativity, and imagination to create lessons that keep the little minds engaged (PS: they have the attention span of a butterfly).

While a degree gives preschool teachers an education in early childhood practices, however, in the long run, an early childhood teacher must continually hone his or her skills to keep their pupils motivated.

Why should academicians opt for a QualityKG accredited preschool 1

Being an academician who’s involved with preschoolers is a privilege as well as a huge responsibility in itself. After all, a teacher has a tremendous influence on her student’s development and future success. Considering the weight of responsibilities on your shoulders, how well do you think you are prepared for this challenge?


Are you competent to shape the future generations, just because you have a degree in early childhood education?

A group of teachers sat down and deliberated on this subject. Most of them agreed that besides being qualified a teacher also needs other skills including, but not limited to: the ability to nurture young learners with quality learning, leadership skills, collaboration and above all personal effectiveness.

One of the members in the group said – “As an academician, I am constantly learning and growing and in doing so I keep varying my approach towards teaching. My approach is often derived from what my students need and from the current best practices in early childhood learning. It is important for me to keep my students engaged in purposeful play and discovery; therefore, I keep my classroom filled with novel materials and activities that inspire their creativity and imagination.”

Another member of the group further added to the discussion by raising a question – “For me, teaching preschoolers is a remarkably rewarding occupation. I feel proud knowing that I have a substantial role in shaping the future of these young learners. I believe that as a preschool teacher one has to proactively improve as a professional. However, when you are out there spending all of your time at work (or at home preparing a lesson plan for the next day at work) you don’t get ample opportunities to hone your skills. In such a scenario how does one get a leg up on the competition?”


So, how can preschool teachers sharpen their skills?

For the group of teachers involved in the above discussion, and for all other early childhood academicians, the demand for a high-quality preschool development program has never been greater. In order to enjoy and shine in a long, thriving and contended career working with preschoolers, it’s imperative that academicians involved in early years, get the very best in support and training.

When it comes to development opportunities for early childhood teachers, QualityKG stands out as one the finest preschool accreditation agencies, with unsurpassed preschool development programs for academicians.

How does accreditation help academicians?

QualityKG preschool accreditation helps in training early childhood educators while improving learning outcomes for students. Accreditation enables teachers in developing themselves professionally and in getting recognized for their accomplishments.

As an academician, the preschool accreditation standards laid down by QualityKG will set you up for a rewarding career. In addition to the above, QualityKG preschool accreditation also:

  • Improves the teaching and learning process by providing preschools with school improvement plans, effective diagnostic tools, teacher training programs, seminars, conferences, workshops, and webinars to give comprehensive support for raising the standards of teaching.
  • Supports preschools with additional training modules after conducting TNI (Training Need Identification). Based on the results, they provide early childhood educators with Teacher-Training Modules, Parent-Orientation Modules and Pre-school ‘Conditioning Modules’ in pertinence with their needs.
  • Rewards early childhood educators for developing new capabilities and making progress as a teacher.
  • Provides academicians with ample conditioning opportunities to through mentorship/coaching and multiple Teacher Training Modules.
  • Provides early childhood educators with sufficient opportunities to explore, experiment and achieve expertise.
  • Improves working conditions in preschools thereby benefitting the workforce.

In the end:

There’s no denying that preschool accreditation carries a lot of weight. As an academician being associated with a QualityKG accredited preschool improves your odds of turning into a skilled and well-prepared educator. Not only that, you’ll also get the most appropriate and up-to-date teaching material and facilities.

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