Culture of Preschool Education in Europe

“The first five years have so much to do with how the next 80 turn out” – Bill Gates

Understanding preschool education

Preschool education is a solid start for a child’s learning and growth in life. It lays the foundation for the intellectual growth of young learners. Preschool education helps children by building their questioning skills and feeding their curiosities from the early age.

Culture of Preschool Education in Europe

Due to recent development and advancement in early childhood education system in countries like Europe, preschool education is no longer confined to just books or classroom sessions but focuses on building a child’s intellect by using innovative methodologies, customized study material and purposeful play.

Preschool education is the medium which makes it easy to bring out the true potential of a child from early years and helps teachers and parents to work on improving the child’s caliber further.

Presently, EU countries are developing new ways to examine the quality of early childhood education and care. Why is preschool education needed?

  • Leads to growth – Preschool is the first-hand experience in terms of education in a child’s life. It is a platform for them to learn, share and follow instructions which leads to their physical, social and emotional growth.
  • Prepares a child for further education – Preschool education prepares a child for their education further without snatching from them their time to play and enjoy as the activities and learning programs are designed in a way that children don’t find them rigid or tedious. It is a medium for them to both learn and play and be ready for their further education.
  • Promotes skill development – Children have complete access to games, props, construction materials and costumes which makes learning fun for them and helps them develop various skills like creativity, patience, habit of sharing with peers, teamwork etc. They become curious and observant about their surroundings.
  • Development of language and other skills – In an environment like this, the complete focus is on helping the young learners develop their language skills by talking to teachers, peers and other people around them. They learn new words and sentences, get opportunities to sing, talk and listen to stories as well as songs, all of which also improves their literacy skills.

EU countries and preschool accreditation:

“Systems help us to move forward, to go as far as we possibly can. They enable us to work faster, smarter, and more strategically. A good system eliminates waste, while it also anticipates and removes obstacles. To get the most out of systems, you have to make them a lifestyle not a one-off deal. They must become ingrained in your routine” – John Maxwell on Leadership.

Anything which is done systematically is done right. Preschool accreditation helps in improving early childhood education system through:

  • Early Learning Programs – These programs are designed by keeping in mind quality preschool accreditation standard in terms of education and are prepared under proper guidelines by preschool accreditation agencies like QualityKG. The preschool development programs are well equipped to prepare younger learners for social, emotional and academic success.
  • Access to latest high-quality research-based programs – QualityKG preschool accreditation standards aim to improve learning and development of early learners, in order to make it possible the preschool development programs focus on training early educators and other teaching staff. These well-designed preschool accreditation standards lead to increased connectivity and builds relationships among families and communities.

The prevailing culture of educational reforms in EU countries make it a necessity for both homemakers and working parents to go for a program like QualityKG preschool accreditation, that is designed with an aim to build knowledge, skills, and confidence among children.


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