Five early learning secrets that every working mom should know

So far as early learning secrets are concerned, I always advise the ‘stressed and hassled working moms’ that parenting isn’t rocket science. Children do not need expensive toys and specialized equipment to gain knowledge. All they need is tender loving care and direction.

Five early learning secrets that every working mom should know

Research shows that preschoolers learn rapidly if they are exposed to a lot of verbal stimulation. Learning is not academic only. You are your child’s first teacher and they learn their first life lessons from you. Be sure that you remember that your child emulates your behavior patterns and is able to absorb values and acceptable social skills from his or her immediate environment.

Most parents are auto-wired to give the best care, others not so much! To all of those working moms who are struggling to pass the flawless-parenting test here are some secrets that may come handy:

  • Do inculcate the habit of reading to and with your toddler. The reading aloud habit helps tremendously in vocabulary building and language development. It is also the base of helping you stoke the child’s imagination and creativity.
  • Rhymes, ditties and simple songs are a good way to engage the child’s attention and build focus. They are an integral part of the early learning process.
  • Children thrive on being appreciated. Do make sure that your child is praised and rewarded on any accomplishment, however small it may seem. This is the basis of his or her self-esteem and confidence. Praise is the strongest motivator and the child develops a habit of trying to win your praise. Rewards on everyday successes from close family and friends spur the child to stronger learning habits.
  • Good habits and discipline are learnt in early childhood and stay with your baby throughout his or her life. Build a routine around daily activities like meals, bedtime, baths, brushing and even play time. Children feel secure when they follow a set pattern and are likely to become insecure when their daily routine is upset. Children also learn a sense of what is expected of them and hence learn the first steps of discipline.
  • Last but not the least, it is important to build a relation of trust and security with your child. A warm and nurturing reciprocal relationship with a parent or primary caregiver goes a long way in creating an environment that fosters social, cognitive, and emotional growth of the young learners.

 At the end of the day:

The most important thing that a mom can give her child is love and quality time and the second most important thing or decision that as parents we can make for our children is choosing the best preschools or play school franchise for them.

  • Quality time – it signifies a time that is given exclusively to the child. In this digital age, parents are often busy with their electronic gadgets and the time they spend with their kids is usually wasted as the child is in non-stimulating company. It is important to give your child your full attention to facilitate learning (that means no Smartphone’s or laptops – just some quality time where you are doing something together without any distractions).
  • Best preschools – this is a decision that affects the future of a child’s learning abilities and interests. To make a wise choice pick a school accredited by QualityKG preschool accreditation with high-quality preschool accreditation standards that ensure the best in learning and care for your child.

Also, keep in mind that the small steps that young parents take to create a happy and conducive early learning environment for their child go a long way in creating a well-balanced, happy and secure adult with a lifelong love for learning.

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