Why school leadership should invest in teacher training

Schools these days are equipped with state-of-the-art technology, modern classrooms, comfortable furniture and adequate infrastructure. However, these facilities only provide comfort to the students physically. For a school to be able to instill a sense of purpose and create brighter minds for the society, they need trained educators. There are many teachers out there who have academic qualifications but lack in proper training. This lack of training comes at a price, especially when it comes to meeting the expectations of the stakeholders.

Why school leadership should invest in teacher training

In the year 2014, the world teachers’ day theme was ‘Invest in the future, invest in teachers.’ This slogan or initiative was a reminder that school leadership should invest in teacher training programs, not only to give the learners better prospects for their future but also to develop the educators on an individual level.

When we mull over the possible benefits of investing in teacher training, some might argue that teacher training isn’t necessary; some may believe that skills develop with experience not training, some would even go out to say it seems indulgent. However, the veteran ECE experts suggest that there are many evident advantages of proper teacher training. After all, a school system is only as good as its educators. A teacher’s competence is elementary to ensure quality education for the learners. They shape the minds of the future generation; they enable them with global opportunities and empower them to face challenges.

Ever since the inception of teaching, the question how to teach has overpowered what to teach. The mode of delivery of instruction enriches the lessons and this is a key area that can be refined through proper training. Without the support of appropriate training, teachers often fail to reach out to students effectively.

With the ever-evolving curriculum, those teachers who have very little or no training find it difficult to adapt to the transformations, this demands the need for the school leadership to provide teachers with related training opportunities. Additionally, a teacher trained in elements such as child psychology, discipline, neuroscience and other subtle arts can manage the classrooms more effectively while keeping students involved and concentrated.

With a third of teachers leaving the profession over the past decade, training teachers has become more important now than ever before, as it plays a vital role in employee retention. Training is a great way to convert teaching into an attractive career decision that supports continuous professional development and career progression. Furthermore, training makes the educators feel valued giving them another reason to persist their journey in this noble profession.

To employ and retain the best educators, teachers must be provided with a supportive, environment, with suitable training to facilitate student-centric learning. A school system that is accredited by QualityKG preschool accreditation fosters teacher training and is also able to effectively engage students, parents, teachers, school leadership and staff to reach their prime objective of providing consistent quality education.

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