5 Parenting Secrets for Preschool Readiness

Remember those times when you meet an occasional friend or colleague, and they ask questions like “Which preschool are you sending your child to?”, “Is your toddler ready for preschool?” “How can I find one of the best preschools or play school franchise for my toddler?”And so on.

Parenting Secrets for Preschool Readiness

I went through that phase (still going through it). Many of my friends ask me how I found one of the best preschools for my child. These parents hate not knowing what they need to do; I can save them some trouble by sharing how I found a QualityKG accredited preschool and how I got my toddler ready for preschool.

If you are also one of those parents who is striving to find various ways to help their children prepare for joining preschool. Then let me share a few parenting secrets that are sure to help your toddler with preschool readiness.

Secret #1: Indirect method

Most toddlers often listen to certain members of the family (Grand maa and Grand paa can save the day!). Try to get grandparents, older friends, or siblings to talk to your toddler in a way that creates an excitement in them. Seeing their trusted ones tell good things about preschools, would spark their interest in this new and glorified journey.

Secret #2: A preschool trip

While you’re running errands or just taking your child out to the park, try to make a surprise visit to the preschool. Don’t tell them that you’re taking them to the preschool to avoid any uninvited tantrums. In preschools that are accredited by QualityKG advanced preschool accreditation, once the child is at the premises the teachers and staff at the school will make sure that they are comfortable and are enjoying themselves at their new sanctum-sanctorum!

Secret #3: The teacher

The preschool teachers at QualityKG accredited preschools undergo various preschool development programs; therefore they are experienced and know how to deal with toddlers. The teachers at the best preschools accredited by QualityKG have different ways and approaches to help parents and children with preschool readiness.

Secret #4: Friends

Children love playing with their friends. Arrange a little play date with a few of your child’s friends who might be going to the same preschool. Talking to them about how much fun they’ll all have together in one preschool will pique their curiosity. This will help your child and his friends. This secret is beneficial for you and the other parents whose kids have come to the play date.

Secret #5: Fun, fun, and more fun!

Don’t make the mistake of portraying preschool as a place with a lot of rules and regulations. You need to paint a rosy picture and help them understand that preschool is a place where children get to do different activities and learn new skills.

Closing thoughts

While you’re scavenging for new ways to increase your toddler’s readiness, don’t forget to prepare yourself mentally. Starting preschool is not only a new phase for a child but also for the parent. Make sure that you are ready before you prepare your child. For developing your child socially, emotionally, physically and cognitively make sure you start applying above tips well in advance.

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