How technology is supporting learning in preschools

From the time we joined our son into preschool, I was very skeptical about the new technology that’s coming out and taking over the educational system by a storm. I recently met a friend of mine whose husband developed a Smartphone application to be used in preschools to teach different skills to the early learners. When she heard my views on the combination of technology and preschool children, she became worried that I was thinking from a one-sided and subjective point of view. So, we decided to grab a bite and two hours later I began looking at technology and preschool learning in a whole new light.

Here are a few things I learned about technology and preschool education:

How technology is supporting learning in preschools

Technology can support language learning

My son’s preschool teacher recently told me an incident that happened a few weeks ago. A new student, a four-year-old boy who could only speak Chinese, was having a lot of difficulty with communication. None of the children knew how to speak in Chinese, and this formed a social barrier. He wasn’t able to interact with his peers and therefore he didn’t take part in any of the class activities.

In an effort to help him, the teacher let him borrow her tablet and told him to help her make a digital story. He took pictures of his family, his home, his toys and his neighborhood and then the teacher created a digital story with English narration. When this digital story was shared with other children in the class, it helped them to open up more as they realized that they had a lot more similarities with the new student than they had thought. Not only did the use of the tablet create room for communication and interaction but it also helped them learn something new about a culture different from their own.

Combine technology and outdoor activities

Technology has developed in such a way that we can now carry our devices wherever we go. Many preschool teachers let their students use tablets and mobile devices when they go outdoors. Children can create their own journal filled with images they captured during their outdoor excursions. Not only does this inculcate a new found love for nature but it also helps students to learn in a holistic way. Various applications can help students narrate their observations as they take videos or click pictures. They can sketch their observations and record a voice clip describing their sketch.

Applications for your tech-savvy preschoolers

Developers have produced various applications that are intended to make life much easier for us. Teachers use many applications for children that create room for creativity and overall development. Students love interacting with various applications on tablets, computers, and laptops. A few amazing apps that help in the development of preschool students are ImagiBox, Peg + Cat Big Gig, Animatch, Monkey Preschool Lunchbox and so on. ImagiBox is a great app for children; it can be used to help children draw pictures and write stories.

  • Peg + Cat Big Gig is a great app for teaching your preschooler math concepts. Your young learners will never realize that they are learning math as they sing along with Peg.
  • Animatch will help your toddler recognize animals and their sounds simply by matching the cards. This will also improve their memorization skills and will save you the hassle of searching for misplaced cards.
  • You can now introduce your child to letters, colors, shapes, and counting with Monkey Preschool Lunchbox. Your child will love matching cards, solving puzzles and collecting fruits with this quirky monkey.

In a nutshell:

We live in a digital age where technology influences almost every aspect of our lives. Incorporating technology to improve our child’s learning is a significant step towards developing them to become strong, creative and intelligent individuals. Preschool development programs introduced by preschool accreditation agencies like QualityKG support the use of technology to encourage a new way of learning inside the preschool and outside as well. Using technology doesn’t not only help little learners discover new things but also keeps the techie in them striving to find out more and more. A well-researched preschool development program can fill their unquenchable thirst for wisdom by giving them access to proper learning facilities.

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