Why school leaders should opt for QualityKG preschool accreditation?

As a school leader, what is your vision for the school and the young learners – Do you want to provide better ways for nurturing and educating children? Do you wish to create a well-built community that expands beyond the walls of academics only? Do you envision your school to become the epicenter of early childhood learning? If the answer to all of these questions is yes, yes and yes then QualityKG preschool accreditation can get you on the right path to a bright future for your preschool and for the young learners.

For some of you who are still wondering – Do preschool accreditation standards make a difference, does preschool curriculum accreditation help a preschool in growing and does preschool accreditation contribute to a preschool’s self-improvement efforts? The short answer -> YES!

QualityKG preschool accreditation helps preschool leaders with their key responsibilities in following ways:Why school leaders should opt for QualityKG preschool accreditation

① Accomplishing success with international standards:

Effective leaders put all their efforts in accomplishing a vision of academic success for early learners. QualityKG preschool accreditation standards guide school leaders to develop a global view of educational excellence. These standards not only ensure academic success and learning improvement they also ensure that every little child is developed into a happy and complete learner.

The 10 QualityKG preschool accreditation standards are:

  • Standard 1: Interpersonal Association
  • Standard 2: Instructional Methodology
  • Standard 3: Curriculum
  • Standard 4: Assessment of Child Learning and Development
  • Standard 5: Academic Staff
  • Standard 6: Participation of Families
  • Standard 7: Community Involvement
  • Standard 8: Health, Wellness and Safety
  • Standard 9: Infrastructure and Environment
  • Standard 10: Governance and Leadership

A preschool principal expressed, what adopting the standards meant for her preschool – “Developing a new vision around QualityKG preschool accreditation standards has given our preschool a stellar reputation. We have also benefitted from the enlightening teachers and leadership workshops, dedicated training programs, branding and localized promotion support, teacher orientation program, stationery and material support, and dedicated database management systems, record-maintenance facilities and parent orientation support. As John F. Kennedy once said – Efforts and courage are not enough without purpose and direction, we thank QualityKG for giving us amongst many other gifts, the gift of DIRECTION”

② Creating a well-managed system:

In addition to providing a harmonious learning ecosystem for the early learners where their social, emotional, physical and linguistic skills are developed, the preschool accreditation agencies also provide preschools with seminars, conferences, workshops, trainings, webinars and boot camps to ensure constant delivery of globally relevant material.

One of the school leaders described how QualityKG preschool accreditation helped them in creating a well-managed system – “Our preschool is counted amongst the best preschools and play school franchises after we earned the QualityKG stamp of excellence. The accreditation process has helped us in improving multiple verticals including infrastructure, workforce, training, managing daily operations and promotion. Today, I am a happy preschool leader with a team of skilled and disciplined workforce, a well-managed system, smiling and delighted children, satisfied parents, immaculate reputation and above all an evident increase in the number of admissions.”

 ③ Creating effective leaders:

In the great scheme of things leading a preschool might seem as a fairly manageable task, however, the path to leadership is far from easy or manageable. To get the ball rolling, effective leaders must use their resources efficiently. At the end of the day, they need to be excellent managers.

The accreditation process ensures that the workforce is supported and nurtured. Moreover, the preschool accreditation standards also help the school leaders to plan, implement, support, communicate and administer.

A preschool principal shared how QualityKG preschool accreditation helped her in becoming an effective leader – “In our quest to enforce high learning standards, the accreditation process hand-holds schools through rigorous self-assessment to map out areas for improvement by creating objectives (PLANNING), gets the teachers involved to carry out the established objectives (IMPLEMENTION), encourages parents, teachers and staff in meeting the objectives (SUPPORT), involves parents in the process (COMMUNICATION), furthermore QualityKG preschools organize preschool conditioning sessions on regular intervals to ensure its smooth administration (ADMINISTRATION).

In the end:

Hundreds of years ago, John Heywood the famous English playwright, said– “Rome wasn’t built in a day, but they were laying bricks every hour.” As a preschool leader who is ready to make some positive changes, you should keep in mind that improvement won’t happen overnight and that it takes constant work and the help of an effective preschool development program to create a harmonious teaching-learning environment that benefits the young learners, their parents as well as the preschool staff.

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