Top 5 discipline mistakes made by working moms

“Motherhood: All love begins and ends there.” – Robert Browning.

Motherhood is a beautiful journey, but it doesn’t come with an instruction manual, I being a working mom went through a very difficult time disciplining my child.

Here are top 5 discipline mistakes that all moms make and ways to improve it:

Top 5 discipline mistakes made by working moms

  1. Disciplining your child when you are angry –

I being a working mom, often had rough days at the office, and when I used to get back home I would see this huge mess in my living room all thanks to my child, it just would make me mad at him and all my exasperation would get blown on him.

How I improved –

To avoid this discipline mistake, I started calming myself before having a conversation with my child and tried to distract him from the current situation for his better understanding. You need to understand when you are in a state of anger you end up saying things that you must not, your child gets scared of you rather than trying to understand the reason.

  1. Dragging the discussions –

I was in the habit of having long discussions with my child over anything and everything, now one of his teachers discussed this with me, she explained that the attention span of a toddler is that of a butterfly, it is very momentary and they get easily distracted.

How I improved –

I started having smaller conversation with him. Considering his age I made myself understand that smaller conversations result in better impact on him.

  1. Not treating your child with respect –

My little one was constantly misbehaving in public places despite my repeated warnings. Finally, I went mad at him and reprimanded him in front of everyone which embarrassed him.

How I improved –

I now treat my child in the same fashion that I want myself to be treated when I am in public. Remember a damage that is made at this stage of life can never be rectified. A child will always remember what wrong you did and this might turn him into a rebel.

  1. Trying to understand your child’s behavior –

Whenever I used to get back from work I used to see is how undisciplined he was not realizing what is the main cause of his behaviour.

How I improved –

I started to analyze the reason of my child’s bad behaviour. There were reasons why he was behaving in a particular way, no matter how busy you are at work you need to take out time for your child. Remember he is your responsibility.

  1. Being a role model to your child –

It left me flabbergasted when one day my child came up to me and said that you ask me not to shout at others while you shout at me all the time.

How I improved –

I understood I cannot ask him to do something that I do not follow. I became a yardstick to my child. Teach your child ways to behave by not telling him but by showing him.

At last –

In my quest to keep my child happy, healthy and well-behaved I found help and solace in the preschool he went to. Not only is our school one of the best preschools with a stamp of excellence by QualityKG advanced preschool accreditation, the teachers are well trained through preschool development programs to be able to point working moms like me in the right direction. This was my story, hope it helps you in making some smart parenting decisions – Happy Parenting!!!

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