Getting Toddlers Excited to Start Playschool or Preschool

From the time our children are born, we strive to give them the very best at every single step. To start playschool is not an easy task and Choosing the best Play Schools or the best Preschools are fundamental bricks that lay the foundation for a child’s development.

Excited to Start Playschool or Preschool

While some preschools only focus on academic abilities, superior preschools focus on more than that. When we say superior we mean schools that have preschool curriculum accreditation and school that are accredited by preschool accreditation agencies like QualityKG. Such schools focus on holistic learning and development of children.

This reminds me of my friend Anita’s experience, I remember she once told me – “I always saw my daughter as a social butterfly. I thought she’ll be thrilled and excited about meeting new people at her preschool. It was before I had to go to a party at my sister’s house. I dropped off my daughter and right when I was about to start the car she came out sprinting. She clung to me and said she did not want to stay there alone. This was unexpected for me – thus began my quest to prepare my little preschooler for new beginnings.”

Here’s how parents like me and my friend Anita got our toddlers excited about start playschool:

Meet the teacher

If you are sending your child to the best preschool or play school franchise accredited by competent preschool accreditation agencies like QualityKG then half of the job is already done for you. Take your child to meet the preschool teacher beforehand and help your child get acquainted with them. The teachers at QualityKG accredited schools are well-trained via preschool development programs and they know how to get children excited about their new home away from home.

Shopping Time

Before starting playschool, take your toddler out for shopping. Help them pick out a backpack and a lunchbox of their choice. Let them pick out a new snack bar or some treat of their choice. Letting them do these little tasks will increase their curiosity and will excite them.


Take time out and talk to your toddler about how exciting preschool will be. Show them other children in the neighborhood who are already going to preschool and are having fun there. Tell them about all the new things they will learn and the amount of fun they will get to have. Showing them a world of opportunities that awaits them will increase their curiosity about preschool. Give them a chance to ask questions about the preschool and try to explain in a fun and interactive way.

New Activities and New Games

Engage them in some activities and games that will help them learn about numbers and rhymes or little experiments that might pique their curiosity to learn. You can teach them how to make shapes with clay or you can help them draw and paint. Tell them they can do more such activities in the preschool if that won’t get them excited what will?

To Sum Up

As a parent, you will also experience some anxiety, our advice for you is to talk to the preschool teachers and learn about the different activities your child will be involved in. Teachers play a crucial role in your child’s development, and when you have QualityKG team backing your preschool you can be sure that the teachers are well trained to take care of your toddlers, and you can trust them to bring out the best in your child.

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