Winter Bulletin Board Ideas for Preschoolers

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Love it or hate it, bulletin boards are a part of teacher’s job. So today we going to talk about Winter Bulletin Board Ideas for Preschoolers.

Most of the preschools use bulletin boards in their hallway to display announcements. Apart from his practical use, bulletin boards are also a very good platform for increasing the learning experience of children. You can display students’ artwork or celebrate a holiday.

Some teachers are enthusiastic and artistic and change them often.
Other teachers try to do bulletin boards seasonally rather than changing them often.
Seasonal themes for the bulletin boards will help you put together many topics within the educational curriculum.

Designing and creating a bulletin board is simple with these ideas for the preschool classroom. QualityKG assists teachers in designing various activities for preschoolers. These activities help in the overall development of children. Preschools should definitely go for QualityKG accreditation.

Bulletin Board Ideas

Here are some ideas to create bulletin boards about a number of winter-related topics:

1. March of the Penguins

march of the peguins

Create a bulletin board displaying everything about the penguins. Help children in crafting the penguins. Use black and white colored craft paper and cut out ovals and circles and glue them together to build a penguin. Attach wiggly eyes and then paste the penguin on the bulletin board. Include a winter background with some snowflakes and icicles. To make the bulletin board educational for children, add facts about penguins.

2. Snow Globe

snow globe

Ask all the students to make snow globes and make a fantastic display of them on the bulletin board. Provide little ones with construction paper and glitter to make their own globes. Create a colorful background and hang all the globes made by children with their photos on the globe to the bulletin board.

3. I Have A Dream

i have a dream

Celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King and his speech on a winter bulletin board display. Display the speech, the photos of Dr. King, his life, and his accomplishments on the board. This will be a great learning experience for students. Ask children to cut out dream clouds and write down their dream ideas on the clouds. Post them on the bulletin board.

4. Winter Wonderland

winter wonderland

Construct a winter wonderland by first constructing a light blue background. Then decorate it with al the things related to winter. From snowflakes to a snowman, you can include so many things on the bulletin board. Let children create these snowflakes of different patterns and a little sparkle. Create snowmen with cotton balls. Add a fireplace and some mugs of hot chocolate. See what else children can imagine about this chilly weather and stick them on the board.

5. New Year’s Celebration

Create the scene of the New Year with bright and colorful pictures. Ring in the New Year with a big golden bell on the bulletin board. Include fireworks, balloons and other festive items. Ask children about their New Year’s resolutions and include them on the bulletin board. Also include the ways they celebrate this day at their homes.

6. Steamy hot chocolate

This is really a steamy idea!  Cover the bulletin board with black paper if you want to keep it simple. If you want to add some dazzle to it use gold or silver wrapping paper. Cut out mugs of colored paper and tell children to decorate them. Add cotton balls on top for marshmallows and paper strips for steam. Ask children to write over them why they like winters.

7. Chill out with books

chill out with cool books

Get the shiny wrapping paper for the background of the bulletin board. Construct a huge snowman to be pasted on the board. Use sticks to make his arms and place a hat on his head. Make an outstanding design! Use snowflakes to write the message such as Chill Out with Cool Books.

8. Hibernating bears

Provide children with bear shape paper plates and tell them to paint them. Add eyes and pom poms for a nose.  Draw he cave on the bulletin board and place those bears in the cave. They won’t come out until spring!

Tips for creating winter bulletin boards

When creating your winter bulletin board keep the following tips in mind:

  1. Go for a new, large option that engages all the children.
  2. It should to be kept in a very prominent place.
  3. It should have a plain background color.
  4. Messages should be clear and written in bold letters.
  5. Messages should be to the point – not very long.

Be creative while designing the bulletin board. Include crafts made by students. Children will love to be a part of it.

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