Learning of a Preschool Teacher Ethics

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Learning of a Preschool Teacher – Worked with zeal as a legal assistant. I have now transferred the same zeal into the class. Fortunately I have patience which is the key most quality for handling preschoolers. I did fun filled activities with the toddlers. I have become a live theatre artist on “Broadway”. I recite poems, repeat rhymes, enact stories and in general become the “maid of all works “in the class. I carry Dr Suess story time books to make class time interesting and use it as resource in case I run out of ideas.

All these ideas came through the teacher training workshops designed by QualityKG. The kinds of benefits and privileges that a preschool gets after QualityKG accreditation are really amazing.

Learning of a Preschool Teacher Ethics

Circle time is fun and children love to sit on the floor, discussing the previous day’s work. They repeat rhymes, letters of the alphabet, the day is wet and rainy and what season it is. We share some quips about the families. Patti has recently a new edition to the family. She loves sharing stories about her little new born brother and what Mom understands about the baby’s whimpers, crying, or just waving his hands in the air.

A theme for the week “Garden,” flowers, leaves, the plant and in which weather the seeds are planted. Themes like spring , summer, winter help in awareness. New topics are space, oceans, rivers and mountains. My lesson plans open up a vista of knowledge for the child and the display board depict thematic ideas for the lesson plans and works sheets

“Butterflies” is an interesting topic and can be thematically displayed on the class board .The kids make colourful butterflies of coloured sheets. These are displayed on the design board.

I sang a little song I have written

I am a beautiful butterfly, I have wings

I am a robin on a tree, I can sing

I am a big fish, I can move my fins

Thank you mom and dad for making me a “baby Lin”(Linda)

The boards are marked with the activity the child takes part in. The item the child makes has his name.

Animal shape stencils is a useful tool. A make-belief zoo emerges and the child is eager to go to the zoo on the next excursion trip

A typical day in the life of a preschooler is

Arrival, fruit time, morning meeting(circle time) worksheet time on theme discussed, music, movement time, organized play, lunch, story time, outdoor time

Arrangement of the class has to be aesthetically displayed. Four corners are planned. A model class room shows art and birthday themes, maths and science, language, and a little library corner with story books. The various corners display material according to the theme. Work sheets, number drill and the interesting science corner has a number of bottles with a growing caterpillar, a bug ,a tomato plant…..An abacus with DIY activity with beads and numbers on it . Numbers painted on stones make outdoor class room fun.

A little kitchen garden where children grow tomato plants and eat the fruit later as salad is interesting. The child watches the plants grow.

A pop-corn tree made with a dry branch and popcorns on its branches make an attractive edition for the garden corner, cotton balls have a similar effect. I struggled with the skills I learnt in preschool, I settled down with the class curriculum.

The day’s work starts with an oral discussion about what is learnt. The curriculum is planned keeping in mind the physical and intellectual development. There are mile stones that pre schools cover before they come to the formulized KG curriculum. QualityKG is a big support in setting up preschool curriculum.

In a reading curriculum, preschoolers learn a wide variety of new words. They read and write the letters of the alphabets and identify sounds. Words are broken up phonetically. Counting on the abacus, drawing patterns, use numbers and coordinate symbols. In the art and craft the babies express themselves through art. Flash cards for letters and words. Taped songs on the computer. I realize my creativity is developing .I try and visualize the concepts before teaching.

The lead teacher made a very good beginning to the school year. She plans and sets-up the class room for the new parents. She conducts an orientation for parents and sends them an invitation.

Drawing and colouring activities strengthen the children’s motor skills. The fine motor skills take longer to develop. The crayons and pencils are to be held correctly. It is to be held between the thumb and finger and not like in a fist. Transition between activities will include creative developmental play.

I have learnt life skills from my preschool friends as well as preschool teacher also teach me. My little friends are naughty and boisterous. I love their cute smiles. These little ones have learnt how to avoid instructions and involve me in baby talk

My communication skills are developing. I feel I can talk and convince parents on the well being of the child. Every preschool teacher should be a creative and innovative by mind if you are teaching in a Preschool. I love my job as a preschool teacher.


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