Opinions of a Pre-School Leader

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There are many Professional roles within the Academic Community. It has been my experience that Academic staff serves the students in the areas of teaching and support learning. The Non-Academic Office basically support all write up from the school leaders office (my office), circulars and newsletters. They contribute to the successful running of the office and the information that reaches (you) the parents. QualityKG ensures that my non-academic staff is well equipped to handle any situation.

I once attended a meeting of principals at the state level where we informally discussed Academic VS Non-academic staff. QualityKG guides and mentors pre-school leaders through various conditioning workshops ushering them towards continuous success.

Opinions of a pre-school leader

Here are a few things I would like to outline:

  • I have so much faith in the opinions and suggestions of school counsellors. They actively study the students in the Pre primary area, Pre K and Pre KG .They observe toddlers and advise the parents, if there is need. The well being of the child is often collectively nurtured by both academic and non-academic staff.. Counsellors also add to the hierarchy of decision makers. There is a Special Needs Counsellors who maintain informal observation about each child .These observations keep changing month to month as the child progresses through each learning stage.
  • My office Staff includes a front office counsellor who helps all parents through any significant area where the parent needs help. She has all the up to date data about your child.
  • Your child loves the library where the teacher tells them fairy stories and animated visuals are shown to them on the computer. The little ones are often seen using the mouse and drawing cats or houses on the screen. Their imagination runs rampant as they colour the drawings. Their depiction of ‘Little Noddy’ and ‘Denis the Menace’ is hilarious. These stick figures are balancing precariously and the caption attached is hilarious. The Parents love these print outs and get them framed and put up in the playroom of the child.
  • Fruits made by thumbs and finger impressions and coloured pulses all add up to the beauty of work done by the Art Teacher.
  • ‘Dog and Bone’ played by the little babies is a fun filled physical activity supervised by the Activity Teacher. “Back to School Race” is filled with excitement.
  • “Pyjama Day” or “Mask Day” forms another fun filled activity for children. Gone are the days when Kelogg’s Corn Flakes had mask on the cartons. Teachers make them in the class. They are sent home where parents see their children as Spiderman, Batman, Batwomen ……and send them to school in those costumes on fancy dress days.
  • The helpers in the classroom are caring and the environment in the Pre K School is home away from home.
  • Your child is growing a little tomato plant on the window of the classroom. We will be sending the potted plant home where your child can watch it grow. Come on a visit to the school and enjoy a guided tour. See for yourself the joy and the excitement your child experiences. Parents are welcome to help out in the classrooms as teacher Aides, go on class excursions as a helper with the class, and be there right beside your child.

QualityKG not only comes up with highly interactive activities for kids to learn but also understands the significance of recruiting good staff.

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