Challenges and Duties of a Junior Preschool Teacher

I am being reprised by Mrs. Burke the lead teacher. I realized that I had to open up an infinite world of knowledge and create a learning environment with designs on the boards which had to be child centric. I always took advice from the Lead Teacher on the most effective teaching methods. Little Joey is always distracted and having fun. Mrs. Burke would like me to sit with him as he has boundless energy.

Challenges and Duties of a junior preschool teacher

At times I had to take over from the lead Teacher who is grading or keeping a record of behavior attendance. I worked on the cue that effective story telling with theatrical sounds or a modulated voice gets across better. This at once attracted the little babies. They wanted to imitate the roles and add their own individuality to the act. Some just wanted to hold up placards and pictures of the lesson which I have drawn and painted for group activity. I did a lot of research for assembling activity sheets for the toddlers. Age appropriate activity had to be planned, and playtime had to be productive. Little Jacqueline loves helping around the class and sets up a little tea party for her peers and the dolls. She loves laying the table, making the dolls and let her peers to sit on different chairs and have a little menu which gives the idea that what kids eat. With brownies, sandwiches and cookies the eating episode is fun. The Teacher Aide gives them a lesson on cake- mixing and with one child being the Mom and another on being the child helper the sessions begin.

A few areas where I was supposed to excel were Maths and lesson planning. Mastery over imparting lessons and the need to diverge was always arising. I had to go through training programs under the guidance of QualityKG where my skills were tested and I learnt new techniques. The mysterious world of child developmental was made simpler and my dreaded subject maths became a world to explore and recreate in the classroom. the training and workshops organized with the help of QualityKG came as a blessing.

I organised many activities in the class. The children loved playing the store and contributing little mid- snacks to make up the store. They would come with their little baskets and pretend to buy items. Both such skills as in play kitchen and play shop added excitement to the child’s play. I found this a great way to encourage interaction and communication. They also developed the numerical skills. These are very good preparatory aids for pre-schoolers. I learnt all this only through QualityKG and would highly recommend this to all preschools.

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