What Accreditation Means To Your Child’s Growth

For children, preschool is the doorway to growth; it is their first experience they have with other children and teachers in a structured environment. With preschool, a child gets an opportunity to understand and follow directions, to learn and to share.

A child’s foundation is created in the first five years and the very same foundation helps him or her to thrive at school and home. How fast and how much their intellect develops; generally depends on the quality of education and care they receive.

Above and beyond textbooks and physical training a child needs: 

  • A fostering environment, where the caregivers help them in developing self-discipline and social skills
  • A healthy and safe environment
  • An environment where they can learn and explore at their own pace
  • An engaging environment where they interact with their peers and elders
  • An environment that supports age appropriate activities
  • An environment where the child can learn through practical experiences with actions, ideas, things, and people
  • An environment where the child feels welcome and loved

All of these factors should be the blip on your radar when you are trying to find the best school for your child. On the whole, the goal of kindergarten is – creating an environment that keeps the child happy, healthy, safe and learned. Accreditation is just the thing to help you find all of these qualities in the school.

preschool kids

Preschool Accreditation is getting headway because, not only does it keep tabs on the quality of a school at the moment, it also ensures that the quality doesn’t drop with time and the schools don’t get complacent.

Preschool Accreditation is equivalent to a commitment for parents and kids alike, which ensures that your child gets the best care and education in his or her early years. When you enroll your child at a QualityKG accredited preschool, you experience a world of difference.

At QualityKG we work tirelessly to make sure:

  • The curriculum is age appropriate and it ignites a joy of learning
  • The environment is healthy, safe and positive
  • The teachers exhibit warmth towards the children and are, nurturing, qualified and experienced
  • The parents are meaningfully and actively involved in the process

The ‘Quality Care’ provided at ‘QualityKG’ accredited preschools offers an inspiring, nurturing and stimulating the environment for your child. The benefits of Preschool Accreditation for your child are numerous.

His or her aptitude to form relationships, to think, to intermingle and to come up to their full potential largely depends on the combined effect of proper stimulation, interaction with peers, good environment, good health and nutrition and creative autonomy offered and maintained by QualityKG accredited schools.

A child who receives all of these benefits is more likely to be

  • Successful throughout his schooling
  • Emotionally competent
  • Socially competent
  • Highly developed in verbal and logical skills

Considering all of these benefits – Choosing a QualityKG accredited preschool is the best investment you can make for your child.

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