Spotlight on Preschoolers: Understanding How They Learn

Children are our little explorers who are getting ready for an unknown great adventure called ‘Growing UP’. Who knows what skills they’ll need in coming years? There was a time when the use of computers in schools was unimaginable, and here we are today with preschoolers already working on tablets and laptops.

The curious ones, the ones who work on problem-solving, the ones who like to engage with other kids, the ones who know the value of self-discipline and respect will grow and evolve into successful learns who can adapt to any change the world throws at them. Even preschoolers need to learn these life skills in order to prepare for their future.

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But who’s teaching them these essential yet often-ignored skills?

Is this the responsibility of parents, or the schools? Neither, it is a combined effort by both, that’ll result into overall grooming of the child. But, who’s to say that the preschool that was so meticulously chosen by you is competent to help your child reach his or her maximum potential?

To ensure that these indispensable skills are being inculcated in your child from the very beginning of their education, you need to find a school certified with a Preschool Accreditation.

At QualityKG, we understand that a child learns best when he or she:

Feels safe and secure – Have you ever wondered why some kids find it easier to take risks than others, are able to form new friendships, while others can’t. Some kids explore new things but others remain indifferent – the difference lies in how they feel. If a child feels secure then and only then learning is possible. Research shows that if a child feels insecure he or she would have problems with forming relationships with peers; they won’t be comfortable in exploring new ideas, concepts or activities. On the other hand, if they feel safe and secure they are open to a number of things including but not limited to learning, not just right now, but throughout the course of their life.

Gets an opportunity to explore – QualityKG Preschool Accreditation ensures that the preschoolers get to explore with different tools and materials. This helps in igniting their interest, and our little engineers prosper when we allow as well as facilitate them to experiment, try out different ways to do certain things, draw their own inferences.


Is a part of a preschool that promotes quality learning – At QualityKG, we ensure that the accredited preschools are adhering to research-based developmentally pertinent quality programs. Our Preschool Accreditation is a mark of excellence; we are constantly working on training teachers to acknowledge the interests, needs and strengths of every child. In such an environment children are able to develop their social, emotional, verbal, numerical, logical, and creative skills.

When they get hands-on experience – Preschoolers can learn better and faster when they learn through hands-on experimentation. Hands-on activities like building with blocks, or playing with water and sand help them in learning some mathematical and logical concepts.

To conclude:

Our society has changed and evolved in many ways over the past few decades, one area that still requires transformation is that of education. With QualityKG Preschool Accreditation, we are trying to bring some significant differences in the classrooms to deliver the best in Kindergarten education.

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